Bridgewater Tree Farm, Inc Staff

Terry Mulligan

Terry Mulligan

Terry is the owner of Bridgewater Tree Farms, Inc. Terry began his career in the Tree Moving industry in 1975 where he specialized in tree moving. In the late 80's Terry began growing trees to compliment his Landscaping business. Over the years, the amount of trees he raised grew & in 2000, Terry established Bridgewater Tree Farms, Inc which has grown to over 300 acres in size.

Dave Maloney

Dave Maloney

Dave began managing Bridgewater Tree Farms, Inc in the summer of 2003. He brought with him 13 years experience working for the City of Northfield - Parks and Recreation Department. Dave graduated from the University of Minnesota with a B.S. from the School of Natural Resources & also is an ISA certified arborist. Dave manages all the day-to-day operations of the tree farms and is also in charge of sales.

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We harvest evergreen trees 5' and up

We dig shade trees 2" caliper and up

We also supply ornamental trees 1 1/2" and up

We can arrange shipping upon request. Freight on Buyer (F.O.B) from Northfield, MN

Every shade tree is staked with fiberglass poles resulting in a strong central leader and trunk taper

Trees limbs are tied up to prevent damage